CPM is a provider of technical assistance for public sector organizations. We work on improving administrative capacity at the frontier of the European Union: in its New Members and Candidates, the Western Balkans, the CSI and the other countries of the Neighbourhood Policy. Our services help the public sector there to upgrade its systems and policies, making it easier to promote economic or social development. Better governance is essential to take part and count in this growing Europe.

CPM offers a network of top public sector practitioners from "New Europe", associating to better convey their experience of reform and of EU accession. Besides turning practitioners into consultants, the network provides a basis for sharing and multiplying knowledge. It also allows CPM to keep a constant presence in the countries we work for, ensuring that advice fits circumstances and is relevant to local colleagues.

Results are telling: after starting in Riga in 2005, CPM is today a leading consultancy in the Baltic region and expanded with challenging and well-assessed projects in Moldova, Kosovo, Ukraine, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Libya - and counting. We get often contracted directly by governments, though most of our services are hired through international donor agencies. We also provide some advice to the EU and other organizations in the design of their programmes.

Whether you are a public administration practitioner with an interesting experience, a public sector manager keen on launching reforms, or represent a donor agency financing technical assistance programmes - CPM is something you may wish to know more about. On this site, you can get our latest company profile and more information on who we are, how we work, and what we do. It also helps you to get in touch - we have passion for our work, and may be we could achieve something together!

The CPM Director