CPM is a European Consultancy Group, with over a decade of experience in providing technical assistance governance and structural policy reforms to public sector organizations in Central and Eastern Europe, Eastern Partnership, ENPI and counties of Western Balkan and Turkey. Since the founding of the company in 2005, we have established ourselves as a leading public sector consultancy from the Baltic region, which has a track record of consistent and long-term reforms and economic growth. Working with governments in different countries we very much draw on the Baltic experience.

We believe in public sector development where local stakeholders, supported by external advisers like us, own reforms. We believe in home-grown and tailored reform design blended with insights from colleagues from other countries and drawing lessons from recognized successes and failures. We believe in experience sharing, exchange of ideas and working across the institutional and national boundaries when solving complex policy and governance problems.

It is with this in mind that CPM advisers have developed strong partnerships with government institutions in the Baltic states and in the regions we work in. This network is a unique source of ideas and opportunity to share experiences, insights and identify reforms and solutions. We also have a wide network of renowned and highly experienced, often former, senior civil servants that we often involve in our projects. We believe that our clients appreciate access to these experts with first-hand experience.

Whether we are directly contracted by governments or cooperate with international donor agencies or other organizations: our clients trust in our well-proven competence and commitment, combining comprehensive international expertise with in-depth understanding of the particular local conditions.