CPM Profile

Corporate & Public Management Consulting Group (CPM) is a consulting venture working with public sector organizations at the new frontier of the European Union: in the New Members States, South-Eastern Europe, the Community of Independent States and the other countries of the Neighbourhood Policy.

We assist governments and non-government actors in getting ready to work and count in a growing Europe, offering the best experience gathered in the European Union’s eastward enlargement. Our main assets are first-hand experience in the management of the EU accession process an in-depth understanding of public sector reform in transition economies.

CPM is a fast growing enterprise, operating since 2004 from Latvia. Based on success at home, we expanded with challenging and well-assessed projects in Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Kosovo, Croatia, Bosnia, Libya and elsewhere. We attach great importance on being ‘on the spot’, and besides the Riga headquarters we keep representatives in most of our client countries.

Areas of Competence

The focus of CPM’s consulting services is assist governments, local governments and public sector institutions to perform public administration reforms. Our key expertise and experience in consulting services is in:

Strategic management of reforms

  • Functional, organizational, business process and capacity reviews
  • Design and implementation of public administration reform strategies
  • Management and coordination of the European integration process
  • Design and implementation of strategies for individual sectors

Policy-making and coordination

  • Centre of Government, policy coordination and planning systems
  • Government-wide and sectorial strategic planning, linked to budget
  • Know-how for approximation of national legislation to the EU Acquis
  • Regulatory management, impact assessment and consultations

Public expenditure management

  • MTEF, programme-based and performance budgeting
  • Internal controls and audit, and external audit
  • Public procurement and public-private partnerships
  • Donors coordination and management of EU structural funds

Administrative organization and civil service system

  • Legislative framework for organization of the public administration
  • Administrative decentralization and local government issues
  • Civil service management and civil service training systems
  • Anti-corruption strategy and accountability frameworks

Administrative decision-making and service delivery

  • Administrative procedure and administrative litigation
  • e-Governance and ICT for public administration
  • Total quality management in public administration
  • Regulatory reform and administrative simplification

Policy/programme design and evaluation

  • Capacity-building in policy and programme design and evaluation
  • Ex-ante, mid-term and ex-post policy and programme evaluation
  • Evaluations of EU structural funds programmes
  • Evaluation of donor funded programmes

Corporate brand development and market analysis

  • Particular brands customized market analysis and provision of recommendations on the most optimal solutions for brand development in the Baltic market
  • Consultative support tailored to a particular brand launching and development in the local market
  • Full-service operational support and quality control