Our expert network

The Expert Network is CPM's outer circle, currently made up of some 70 selected public sector professionals, who are the most frequent contributors to our activities. Network associates come from a wide range of specialties and backgrounds, but all have in common:

  • Hands-on experience of public sector reform in transition economies and the EU accession process. What our experts advice, they know personally: most come from the administrations of the New EU Member states, and we also attach great importance to developing consultants within client countries;
  • Comparative insight. Beyond hand-on knowledge in the administrative system of origin, members of the Expert Network hold advanced academic qualifications and an international work record - to which CPM contributes by providing other professionally challenging assignments;
  • Consulting skills to translate expertise in well-managed technical assistance. As CPM's business model places project management right in the hands of experts, we also provide network members with on-going coaching in international technical assistance and project cycle, as well as periodic training;
  • Passionate commitment. Finally, teamwork is about people and we accept that not every potential expert is a 'CPM type'. We have passion for what we do and believe in quality driving the business - not the other way round. The activities of CPM experts are subject to a strictly enforced code of ethics.

Usually, experts become involved in the network after one or two assignments as ordinary contractors. While membership in the Network implies no exclusivity for CPM, some members develop a strong interest in the company and end up joining the Core Team. This keeps CPM's structure open and dynamic.

We are constantly interested in enlarging our network with new colleague and friends. If you think that you might like working with us, just drop a line at our contact form and we will call you to discuss opportunities and ideas.