Corporate brand development and market analysis


In 2016, Corporate & Public Management Consulting Group (CPM Group) launched a new product on corporate brand development and promotion. Our focus is to facilitate effective foreign wholesale and retail companies’ entry to the Baltic market and support their high-quality long-term operation. As result, local customers will get access to a wider choice of high quality goods, as well as new jobs will be created in the local labour market. Our team has experts with more than 20 years of direct corporate sector experience in launching, running foreign multi-million euro business operation and brand development in the Baltic States.

Our market analysis highlight that many Baltic market entry envisaging companies carry out an initial analysis of the market themselves or request selective support from their official local country commercial representations (e.g. France and the UK). The companies also tend to decentralize certain tasks and functions to outsourcing companies (e.g. market research, legal support, support to IT solutions or Human Resource development) in its start-up and deployment phase. Main disadvantage for certain types of services in such cases is the ability to provision most tailored hands-on approach for the particular company and its specific needs in the whole cycle of the market entry.

The added value of the services offered by CPM Group to the foreign trading companies envisaging to open their operations in Latvia and the rest of Baltic States encompasses:

  • Particular brands customized market analysis and provision of recommendations on the most optimal solutions for brand development in the Baltic market;
  • Consultative support tailored to a particular brand launching and development in the local market;
  • Full-service operational support and quality control (both in-house and appropriate outsourcing agents).

1. Basic Services

1.1. Brand market analysis and development solutions

  • Analysis of the main indicators and elaboration of recommendations on geographical locations for new retail and wholesale business in the Baltics;
  • Analysis of the main figures of retailers and wholesalers in the Baltic States and figures per the main business segment;
  • Mapping of competing brands and identification of top competitors for entering brands or companies;
  • Analysis of consumer behaviour and focus of the audience;
  • Applying other analysis methods tailored to the specific type of business;
  • Recommendations for the sales plan for short and medium-term period;
  • Recommendations for the business expansion plan in the Baltic market;
  • Support in development of business and brand marketing strategy in the Baltic market.

1.2. Advisory support to the initial introduction of the brand to the market and setting-up the business operation:

  • Support in attraction of high-quality human resources, support to establishment of organizational structure;
  • Assessment of real estate market for appropriate office space, storage areas and advice on the optimal location for the particular business operation;
  • Support in establishment of the trade channel in the Baltic States and Europe;
    • Local knowledge based research on off-line store networks;
    • Advice on establishment of high-quality network and opening of shops (in-depth study on the potential locations of shops and support in negotiations on specific space offers with trade centres; advice and support in all-inclusive opening process of the off-line shops and its control, e.g. liaison with construction companies, providers of IT services, warehouse equipment and quality other related services provision);
    • Support in launching online-store network and introduction of e-commerce;
  • Advice in establishment functional local business administrative support units to handle administrative, legal, financial and HR issues;
  • Support in marketing and introduction of the brand to the market;
  • Business management advice;
  • Independent operation control functions.

2. Optional (on the demand) services:

2.1. Market and competitiveness analysis:

  • Market Overviews, market benchmark, market monitoring;
  • Competitive landscaping;
  • Industry, product, partner, supplier intelligence;
  • B2B Customer Survey.

2.2. Advise on providers of outsourcing services:

  • Financial and accounting services;
  • Legal services;
  • Development of human resources;
  • High-quality construction services attraction for setting stores;
  • Logistics Systems;
  • IT solutions.

The CPM Group product and services are designed for the enterprises of the EU member states and third countries envisaging entry to the Baltic market and looking for high-quality support and a partner in launching and developing their local operation.

Contacts for further information and co-operation opportunities:

  • Lauris Rasa, Corporate Branding and Market Research
    lrcpmgroup [at] gmail [dot] com, Tel. +371 29498981
  • Ivo Rollis, Public – Private Sector Partnership
    ivo [dot] rollis [at] cpmconsulting [dot] eu, Tel. +371 29137511