Study programmes

Besides consulting, we put much energy into organizing study visits to the administrations of the new EU Member States. A first-hand look at fresh reforms is always a good way to clarify doubts and reinforce commitment.

Our study programs are aimed at colleagues from both central and local governments, some of which - from Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Bosnia, Serbia - have became our regular clients. If you are interested, we can assist you in all relevant aspects - including:

  • programme design according to your specific professional interests, getting the best our of available time and funds;
  • on-site logistics, arrangements for travel, accommodation, interpretation, as well as tourist and social activities;
  • management of meetings with local practitioners and high-level officials (including official receptions if requested);
  • briefing with early delivery of all materials, and debriefing on the programme's outcome, including evaluation.

All programmes are custom-made. They can look at the design and management of reforms, or at specifics such as, budgeting, the civil service, or regulatory reform. Most take place in the Baltic republics, though we can also cover other countries.